According to experts, virtual reality technology will be a new marketing "weapon" for the real estate industry, interior design.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is being prioritized for global growth, promising to be popular in the near future for human life.

Realization of 3D design

With real estate, in the past, to introduce a project or project, one had to model the model with compact proportions of lightweight materials such as paper, sponge ... for displaying and building samples for visitors. . More than one step forward is the 3D design photos to introduce, promote.

The key to honoring the beauty of the building is light. However, one can not put light, decorative lights into the sample model, so can not fully describe the intentions of architects, project owners. So, there are those works on paper are little understood and interested, only when they are complete, everyone is overwhelmed and admired.

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The virtual reality app helps users choose the right kind of dining table light.

VR, with its simulated 3D simulation environment, real-time real-time scenarios, will allow users to immerse themselves in space and feel like they are experiencing real projects.

Thanks to 3D simulations, architects clearly define the design, comparing real rates, especially with interior design, to easily arrange and coordinate home appliances, electrical appliances, decorations. suitable light living space.

Customer support experience

Not only does the simulation work on the project, VR also allows users to experience the product, electrical appliances in the living space. In order to support the selection of electrical equipment for construction, electric lighting and household electrical appliances, Panasonic Eco Solutions Vietnam (PESVN) applied VR in its showrooms. Accordingly, in the virtual space of PESVN, the equipment (switches, sockets, lights, fans) of PESVN is equipped and expressed according to the size, shape, color reality.

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Users have the opportunity to experience high quality products from Panasonic with VR technology.

Customers can view these devices from any angle. They will be able to try different types of switches, sockets ... and be able to see the light, the colors of the reverberated LEDs, the wall lights, the table light, as well as the feel of the equipment Auxiliary equipment such as: electric fan, air purifier ...

Even so, VR users can also change devices in the virtual space at will. This virtual reality tool will help a lot in choosing the right product for you, in line with your preferences before making a purchase decision.

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High quality products are manufactured based on advanced, reliable technology from Panasonic.

Also at the showroom, customers also discover more lighting simulation room and consulting services free lighting design to find the right light solution for living space.