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MagicBook 4D is an intelligent interactive educational platform. It uses the Augmented Reality technology to deliver the most vivid and visual learning method. MagicBook 4D turns any static content in the book into lively and intuitive 4D images and bring them to the actual space. MagicBook 4D is now providing 3 main themes for kindergarten children and primary school students:

  • Animal Kingdom
  • Space Exploration
  • Coloring Book
  • Exploring and interacting with many kinds of animal and planets in real life space.
  • Turning ordinary coloring pictures into extraordinary 4D images
  • Flexibly controlling, enlarging and shrinking characters
  • Taking pictures with 4D characters.
  • Learning English
  • Activating once, using forever for any device
  • Stimulating children’s creativity and thinking skills
  • Enhancing the ability to observe and memorize. Igniting the passion for reading
  • Helping children play and learn at the same time and receive information in the most natural and effective way
  • Preventing children from interacting with violent games and unhealthy products